Wednesday, July 1, 2009


To My Brother...

Hi Bill,

I hope all is well in Maine. I just wanted to drop you an email to let you know that I had attended an early premiere last night of the Public Enemies movie here in Madison.

They had a fund raiser for the Non Profit Wisconsin Film Institute and sold tickets to both a premiere pre-party and also just to the premiere of the movie itself.

Josh bought me a ticket to the movie premiere for fathers day, and also one for himself and his girlfriend... Then Roylene bought one for herself, and we also picked one up for David and his new girlfriend so they could be with us as well... I had a pretty good entourage with me to see if I made the cut or not.

I am happy to say that about 15 minutes into the movie, at the far left side of the screen...

My nose makes an appearance... :)

Followed by the rest of my face... ;)

I managed to actually show up a couple of different times during the congress scene in the film, where Hoover (Billy Crudup) is petitioning congress for money to create the FBI.

Had they not moved me up to that table, instead of leaving me as an audience participant, I don ' t think I would have made it into the movie, or if so, I would not be as easily identified.

During that scene, I can be seen right in the middle of the action (center screen) between Billy Crudup who plays J. Edgar Hoover, and one of the other actors portraying a lawyer.

Also, just a reminder that if you should go, that when I do show up in the scene, I am sans mustache and all facial hair... I am also sporting a very short haircut as well.

( I have attached a couple of pictures that were taken when I got home from the actual filming... just to give you something to reference...)

The movie was pretty good. The filming techniques took a little while to get use to. The story was very good, almost biographical... Lots of Wisconsin scenes in the movie, and a lot of Machine Gun Blasts... I think David Letterman said "You get you moneys worth of muzzle blasts".

It's sort of weird seeing your head as big as a house, but it was very cool to finally see this whole experience come to fruition...

On a related note, there was lots of stuff happening in Oshkosh yesterday for the premiere, and they opened the new museum exhibit, so that will be really cool to go to when you come to visit...

Here is a nice website with more information of what has been going on there...

Needless to say it was a very long night...

Take care,


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